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Nordmann Fir Christmas trees 10 to 15 ft
Noble Fir Christmas trees up to 20 feet tall
Installed Christmas trees up to 100 feet tall
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Tall Christmas Trees in Southern California

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When it comes to tall Christmas trees, there is just no substitute for the real thing.Inspecting a tall Nordmann Fir Christmas tree What's the first thing people do when they see one? They touch it, they smell it, and they decide if it's real! Only when it’s a real Christmas tree do you get that WOW! moment of awe and admiration.

Since 1983, Santa & Sons has provided the high quality, extra tall Christmas trees Los Angeles homes and businesses need for very special holiday displays.

Tall Noble Fir Christmas trees up to 15’ feet tall can be pre-ordered for scheduled delivery and installation in the greater Los Angeles area, or they can be purchased during the holiday season directly from Santa & Sons California Christmas tree lot located in the San Fernando Valley at Los Angeles Valley College.

Tall Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees from 15’ to 20’ feet tall can be pre-ordered for pickup at our Oregon Christmas tree farm or for commercial or home installations in Southern California.

Tall christmas trees in the fieldCommercial size White Fir Christmas trees up to 100’ feet tall can be installed, lit and decorated nationwide. Tall White Fir Christmas trees from Oregon are completely natural trees and they are an environmentally green forest bi-product. These tall Christmas trees are being grown side by side with young pine trees on lands that are in the long process Lit White Fir Christmas treeof reforestation and they are harvested without impact to the forest soils using helicopters to carry them to a road. Their beautiful uniform shape is achieved by climbing the tree and using long handled tools to prune the limbs. Our commercial tree expert is the only tall tree grower we work with, having the absolutely necessary experience required to properly harvest, transport and install these extra tall Christmas trees. Do not confuse these magnificent tall White Fir Christmas trees with "constructed" trees, where very average quality tall trees are stood and then drilled to receive hundreds of inserted branches, a process referred to as plugging. While those big trees may look pretty good at first, the inserted branches are not being supplied with any water by the tree and so within just a week or two those limbs dry out. Pre-order commercial size tall Christmas trees early in the year and definitely before Labor Day if possible.

Field of Tall Christmas trees
We install Christmas Trees in public and private businesses of all sizes

Whether it is for a large home with tall vaulted ceilings, a commercial building lobby, or an outdoor plaza or mall, for a real, truly impressive tall Christmas tree this year call Santa & Sons today. Call us during the year at our Oregon Christmas tree farm at 541-929-3572 or during the Christmas season at our Los Angeles Christmas tree lot 818-501-8637. E-mail us anytime at